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Secret skeleton session


Skeleton session


If you’ve landed here, you’ve found my skeleton session. Why isn’t it under services?

Well, if you read my FAQ you know that I have huge issues with handing over only digitals, and I just don’t. So I made a decision to not advertise sessions that didn’t include some prints. I don’t hike up my print product prices at all, what you pay me is what I pay the printer. I just really want you to have beautiful prints! I also don’t just give out digital downloads. I can’t store your session for you forever and hard drives crash all the time. So you need a USB. (Of course these sometimes fail too, nothing is fail safe.)

So, this session is pretty much like a full session except for a few things:

  • You get one 5x7 print on satin paper, which is the most affordable print done by the printers I use. Like I said, I just don’t believe in all digital!

  • All your images on a USB. You need your images stored outside your hard drive.

  • Literally the only difference is that you’ll have one print instead of a beautiful collection of them.

  • End of story.