-Big people-

Intimate portraiture

So much of traditional storytelling is done through the portrait. It’s a time capsule of representation. Be it through a more classical approach or as a conceptual work, the portrait as genre is timeless. It speaks to us about what it is like to be human, at any moment in time. We so often disappear, visually, in the stories of our lives unless we claim the space for ourselves. There is so much empowerment to be found in having an intimate portrait photography session to celebrate you, your strength and your vulnerability.

I feel certain that the largest part of all photographs ever taken or being taken or to be taken is and will continue to be, portraits. This is not only true, it is also necessary. We are not solitary mammals, like the elephant, the whale and the ape. What is most profoundly felt between us, even if hidden, will reappear in our own portraits of one another.             

 -Ben Maddow, 1977