Frequently Asked Questions

(Or just things I thought you might ask or possibly want to know.)

  • I don’t want any prints, do you offer any digital only packages?

  • Short answer; No, I don’t.

  • Longer answer; A photograph isn’t really a photograph until it’s printed. It’s an image, sure, made up of either a negative, wet plate or, more commonly these days, zeros and ones, but it’s not a photograph until it becomes a print. Furthermore, it’s really hard to judge the quality of a photograph until you see it printed.

    Photography is an art form. There’s a fine process called colour calibration that makes sure your images are rendered the way they were intended by the artist, and that must include printing, or, at the very least, a calibrated screen to view them on. Most people don’t have this, and every device is different, so you might think something looks great on screen and when you go to your regular photo place get them printed, they come back looking nothing like what you were imagining. Skin tones are all over the place, they’re over-sharpened, they’re cropped, and so on, because the machines they were printed on are intended for printing non professional images that have little to no editing done to them. You put them on your wall, your friends come over, see the horrid work you paid so much for and never hire the same photographer. That’s bad business. Or you see my work on a terrible screen and think it’s awful.

    Giving you prints will show how the photographs look when they are rendered as I made them, by a professional printer. I am dead serious about the quality and craftsmanship of photography from start to finish. I will not let my work be misrepresented. So I will always include at least one print and specific advice on who to get prints done with. While I can’t control if people go to Ted’s, or worse, Officeworks, I can at least give them sound, professional advice and one good print.

  • Do you offer mini sessions?

  • I don’t currently do any mini sessions because I don’t like to rush my work. The conveyor belt feel of sessions don’t suit my style.

  • My family member/friend wants to print some of the photos, can I just send them the files?

  • While I can’t physically stop you from doing that, I’d advice that you read my point above about printing and do your friend the favour of not wasting their money and at least insist they use one of my recommended printers.

  • What is a conceptual shoot?

  • A conceptual shoot is where we workshop an idea or a theme for a shoot and then do a series of images based on that. It requires a bit more planning than a regular session, takes a longer time to execute, and is therefore priced differently. A conceptual shoot is not a lifestyle session. These shoots are very much about the juxtaposition between the natural and the artifice, and they are so much fun! I haven’t listed prices for conceptual shoots as they need to be priced on a case by case basis. So tell me what you want, what you really, really want, and I promise I won’t involve Spice Girls any further than this.

  • Do you sell prints of your artworks?

  • Yes, I do for most of the works. Contact me for more information and prices. I have them printed by the only people I fully trust to print my work, and who has been printing my work since the beginning (unless I did it myself), Les & Andrey Walkling in Melbourne, Victoria. Most works are limited edition prints, and some also come in a smaller open edition.

  • I don’t want my images shared on social media or on your website. Can I still book you?

  • Yes, of course! While I love to share my work and this is an important side of my business, I respect your privacy above all. You will be presented with a model release, a contract, and a chance to choose to restrict some or all shots. I sometimes enter images into competition which is also covered in the release. At the end of the day I retain all rights to my work, however, I want you to feel safe in knowing that I will never share anything you are not ok with.

  • I can’t find any price for birth photography. Do you book births?

  • Due to the on-call nature of birth, and life with three small kids, I am currently working out how to best offer my services as I very much LOVE everything birth, but also need to cover my bases at home. A birth photographer is pretty much like a wedding photographer except you don’t know where you’re shooting, when you’re shooting, for how long, you’re usually working in the dark and there are NO do-overs! (So nothing like a wedding photographer really.) In short, YES, get in touch if you want your birth photographed, because YES i book births despite not having a birth package as of yet.

  • I would like to be a part of your light painting work, what can I do?

  • Oh! Send me an email for sure! I am always looking for models, or assistants on occasion. Or perhaps you make something/own something you think would look great in a shoot? I’m all ears!

  • I’ve heard that you are a hardcore cat person, what do you have against dogs?

  • Look, I love dogs. But I LOVE cats. Cats are my spirit animals. I just get them, they get me. Cats have an edge and an independence I can relate to. But I’ll probably at some point get a dog. Or a kid will get a dog and I will still have cats.