Newborn + Babies

Life is beautifully chaotic with a newborn.

Your perception of time changes the moment they start growing. You wait for 9 months to meet them and when you do… Time changes. Life as you knew it is gone. It’s the dawn of a brand new day, a new story is unfolding.

As parents we are multi-taskers and aspiring masters of (almost) every art out there. We juggle time like it was nobody’s business, but it still slips away. You can’t be expected to remember it all.

The wrinkly toes, the little fluffy hairs covering their ears. The smiles that shine brighter than a thousand suns, of accomplishment and unconditional love. But time is a thief. What happens when it all fades from memory? Newborn lifestyle photography captures you and your baby as you are, in the comfort of your own home.