Model calls

General information

I periodically do model calls for various folios as well as personal projects.

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Model calls work like regular shoots with a few exceptions.

You will be expected to sign a full model release giving me the rights to use the images for my website, social media, and advertising. You will need to sign a contract stating that should you withdraw your model release at any time after the shoot, you will be billed the full amount of the session.

These sessions are under creative direction from me and may take longer than a normal session depending on the nature of what we are doing.

Folio model call sessions do not come with a product package, however you will receive the digital, edited files in both high and low resolution, and a small print or two, alongside my standard printing guide.

Personal project model calls receive the digital, edited images in high and low resolution and my undying gratitude, friendship, potential for further collaborations, invitation to any exhibitions featuring the work and most likely a nice glass of wine or two. At the very least.

If the shoot requires anything specific from you in form of nudity or costume, this will be specified in the specific model call.


Folio based model calls are charged at a rate of half price of the normal session. This is payable before your session and you will receive an invoice when we book it. The reason behind this is that without anything invested from you, cancellations and no shows are a big factor. A model call involves just as much, if not more, work from my side. A one hour session for you is a significant amount of hours work for me in organising, shooting and editing, and if it’s a birth session, it’s on-call work for 4 weeks plus however many hours the birth takes + additional hours editing. You get the picture. I only do folio calls when I am after something specific.

 Personal projects do not cost you anything, though you will be required to sign a contract and model release. I tend to ask people to go the extra step so I need you to be fully committed to the project before you agree.